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The online gambling community is a funny bunch. We have a way of talking that might sound odd or peculiar to a new player. I understand this could be frustrating or strange for a newbie interested in discussing gambling online. That’s why this post is going to share some useful terms and their meanings so you can engage in chit chat when playing on your favourite Malaysia online casino.

Hit me

In the game of blackjack, to “hit” means to take another card. You need to know this phrase if you plan on playing blackjack.


Another blackjack term used to when asking the dealer to not deal any more cards. To “stick” means you are happy with your hand and will see if the dealer can beat it.


A raise is a bet in poker where a player decides to bet more than is minimally required. For instance, if the blinds are $1/$2 and a player wants to put in $8 – he is making a raise.


This poker term is used in live casinos and online cardrooms when players decide to get out of the pot. It is an easy way to discard your cards. If you say fold, you cannot win the pot.


This is a French word for what we commonly call a dealer. It’s a fancy way of saying it but can be heard in casinos all over the world.


Ever see people watching you play in the poker room or at a roulette table? These viewers are typically called “railbirds”. They watch at a safe distance and cannot influence the games.

High Roller

Every major casino has massive juicy stakes. This is where the richest and most expensive games are. The players who sit in these games can be called high rollers.


These are extremely high prizes that are usually offered in games like slots.

There you have it, eight gambling terms you can use online or in live casinos to show you know what you’re talking about!