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Mobile Roulette

None of the brick and mortar casinos would be seen seriously by visitors, if it doesn’t offer the game of roulette. Naturally, all online casinos also offer a variety of types of roulette. Roulette is the iconic casino game, and one of the most popular games available at both online and offline casinos. That’s why roulette is also one of the first games that have appeared on the mobile gambling scene. Online casino at vipclubcasino will allow you to enjoy roulette via your iPhone or Android. Take advantage of their 100% cash match bonus on your deposit and increase your chances of winning by playing your favorite game.

Many people who enjoy gambling, and more specifically who enjoy roulette are now getting into action at mobile casinos. Due to its simplicity, roulette is being played easily on mobiles, offering an exciting, interactive gambling experience to all iPhone, Android, Blackberry and other Smartphones’ owners. Most reputable online casinos will support many of the latest mobile devices and players will always have access to customer support if they ever have a problem while playing mobile roulette. But before contacting any of the casinos’ support staff have a look at the section bellow where we provide some basic information regarding the steps you should follow in order to start playing mobile roulette.

Mobile Roulette

How to Play Mobile Roulette?

First of all, you need internet connection and a mobile phone that supports downloadable mobile casino applications. These applications are usually free and players can find a number of online casinos which support the free download of their software onto mobile phones. There are also some mobile casinos that support flash play, but opting for the downloadable version typically provides better graphics and playability of the games.

After downloading the mobile casino’s application you will be asked to create an account, providing your personal details, such as name, phone number, bank account information, etc. After doing this, your next step would be to make a cash deposit into your account. Select the most convenient payment option the casino of your choice supports and the money will appear in your account in no time. Then you are ready to go! You only have to choose mobile roulette as a game choice and place your bets!

When it comes to the rules of the mobile roulette, they remain the same as for the online version of the game. There are different types of bets and different amounts you can select, so if you want to win big, place a straight up bet, whereas if you are more wary of risking your hard-earned cash, you can place one of the outside bets, such as even/odds or black/red as you have a 1:1 chance of winning. You simply choose where you think the ball is going to end up. Then watch live as the action unfolds! If your bet pays off, the money will be directly credited to your account and you can then withdraw it or use it to continue wagering.

Mobile roulette provides the perfect solution for players who want to enjoy this beloved casino game without making their way to a physical casino or sitting behind their desks. You can now enjoy the thrill of playing roulette literally wherever you are!

Horse Racing Tips To Pick Longshots

Horse racing tips make your chances of picking out a winner more likely, however if you’re looking to bet on outsiders because of their more favorable odds then you need a slightly different approach to help you pick winners. For a lot of gamblers, horse racing is a serious business and it is important to research and analyze the horses before making a choice.

Horse Racing Tips For Longshots

Although the odds on a longshot horse would suggest that you are likely to lose far more often than on a favorite, the rewards when you win are also a lot greater. It is important to be realistic about the amount of times you can expect to win with professional gamblers looking for about a 20% win ratio, so if you’re getting around one winners in five then you doing well.

horse racing

It’s always a lot easier to pick a longshot if you’re actually at the races. Try and get a good look at the horse before the race, often the paddock is a good area to go for this. Look at the horses temperament, how healthy it looks, how settled it is and whether it looks confident. Avoid horses that look nervous or are giving their handlers hard time.

Reasons why players will choose your bingo site

In the competitive world of online bingo, the sky is the limit when it comes to enticing new players to sign up. To the untrained eye or someone new to the online gaming world, every site may very well look as if they are promising the same thing and with hundreds to choose from, it’s easy to be overlooked.
Here are five reasons why someone would choose your site…

chose a bingo site

1. Word of mouth

As with any industry, word of mouth is the most potent form of advertising. Most players log on to a particular site out of curiosity when someone they know mentions it in passing or because someone they trust recommends it. People who socialise together are likely to join the same social network and gaming sites too. If you can get your loyal players to refer their friends, you’ll have new people signing up to play bingo online in no time.

2. Bingo reviews

When in doubt, most potential players will head to a reputable review site which they’ll use as a trusty guideline when deciding who to give their money to. By getting your site reviewed by a popular and trusted portal, you’ll ensure that more people click on your link.

3. Advertising

It has been established that players are more likely to sign up with a site that is familiar to them because of advertising. Unfortunately this means that bigger sites with larger budgets are in a favourable position as they can feature adverts in the media. Smaller sites can become a little more creative though, and find less costly ways to get their name known.

4. Jackpots


Despite the fact that online bingo is a game of chance, no one will stay on a site for too long if they never win anything. In the same respect, bingo sites that offer huge jackpots will automatically attract a multitude of players. It’s always good to give the members feedback on who has won and what’s coming up next, as well as side bonuses and rewards for their loyalty.

5. Variety

Believe it or not, not everyone who signs up to an online bingo site wants to exclusively play bingo. Many professional online gamers will sign up with a site that offers great variety and support so they can enjoy other casino games like slots. If your site offers these things as well as a wicked game of online bingo, people will be signing up in no time. One site that I like to recommend to my readers is Landmarkbingo.co.uk. They have a great variety of games so make sure to check landmarkbingo website bingo games and hopefully you will be the next big winner!

Losing money the wrong way

In a perfect world, you’d never have to worry about thieves in the casino. Or if you did, everyone would be on the same team trying to cheat the house, and not each other. Such is not the case in reality, though, especially in cities like Las Vegas or Atlantic City, where gambling and alcohol not only attracts the cream of the gambling crop.

What am I getting at? Well, at the craps table, unless you’re aware of your surroundings, leaving your chips without a plan is like laying out cheese for a rat. With the pit crews watching the players everywhere for signs of a cheater, it’s less likely they’ll focus in on a quick thief as much as you’d like to believe.

craps table

And in the world of craps, where you’re probably standing up, cheering with the mob, watching waitresses go by, paying attention to the board and the roll for longer than you should – it all makes an ideal setting for a talented thief.

It’s your responsibility to keep a close eye on your chips. Because getting them stolen is just going in the hole the wrong way, and it can be prevented. The thieves can be just a professional as the players at the blackjack table, and they, too, often work in teams. One will distract, one will create a diversion, and before you can look back a third person has made off with half your stack.

Surely, your attention can’t be on your chips the entire time, and if you’re there for a while, you’re going to have more than you can hold in your hand, so how else can you protect them? The other players aren’t interested in watching over your money, neither is the dealer. So your best course of action is to minimize the opportunity for a major loss. I read a great tactic that I highly recommend, called capping. This involves putting a souvenir, $1 chip on the end of each roll, and always keep your chips in a plastic house – tightly packed. Have extra $1 chips to ensure your stacks stay tightly packed. Yeah, it takes constant attention, but a thief is much less likely to risk exposure trying to grab some loose $1 chips. In addition, they know it’s extremely difficult to take packed chips from the middle of a housed stack. It’s not even worth risking. And if they pull one out from the end, it’s a $1 chip that you’ll notice is missing (because it’s a different color than the other chips) – so you lose nothing but gain the knowledge that it’s not a safe playing environment.

Roulette Strategy

Online casinos are everywhere, they have to be. People have a vociferous appetite for online gambling. It is easy, fast and fun.

Just because you are playing on your phone does not mean that you have to sacrifice strategy. Many mobile players have a whimsical style when really they should be tactical. Although counting cards online is near impossible you can still use strategic play at the roulette wheel.

Below are two forms of roulette strategy that work on both mobile, PC and in real life.

The Martingale System

The Martingale system is nice and easy to use. By refraining from big bets, the Martingale system methodically boosts your winnings.

A staff member demonstrates the roulette wheel for the media at the new casino "Grand Lisboa Casino" in Macau, Sunday, Feb. 11, 2007. Billionaire gambling king Stanley Ho celebrated the long-awaited opening Sunday of his Grand Lisboa casino _ a gleaming gold complex that is Ho's biggest response to American rivals who have stormed into Macau and seized big chunks of the gaming market.  (AP Photo/Kin Cheung) ORG XMIT: XKC132

It is a system that requires self-constraint and a certain degree of mental aptitude – start by betting the smallest amount on even bets, the odds aren’t great but that doesn’t matter (red/black, even/odd). To keep things simple we will say that you bet £1 on red – if the ball lands, brilliant, if not repeat said bet but double the stake to £2. If successful this time you would have won £4 with just £3 investment. Once you’ve won you go back to the minimum stake and start again.

Like all bets the Martingale cannot guarantee results. If your luck isn’t in, for example you have eight spins of the wheel since starting out with a £1 bet, you would have lost £255 and would have to gamble £256 on the next to be up.

The Martingale system does work but like all gambling strategies it is dependent on Lady Luck.

James Bond System

James Bond is the ultimate fictional spy. His daring, brazen approach has saved Britain and the world on numerous occasions so it is only befitting that he has a high risk roulette strategy.

Always opt for a European roulette wheel. It only has one zero, unlike American roulette which has two, and thus the house has a 2.63% advantage while at an American wheel the house has a 5.26% advantage.

To utilise the Bond system you need a decent start-up, to make things nice and easy we will say £200.

So with your £200, £110 should be staked on the high half, while £80 should go on the first third, and for insurance place £10 on one of the zeroes. Once the money is down, you will have all the numbers between 1-12 and 19-36, and by betting on a zero you cover your bet. So with this method you actually end up with 31 out of the 38 possible numbers, giving you an 81.5% chance of success.

If the ball lands between 1 and 12, you win £240. Between 18 and 36 pays you £220, while a zero would leave you with £360. If your luck isn’t in and you do lose then you can use the Martingale system to try and reclaim your costs – that would entail a £400 bet though.

Just like its namesake, the Bond strategy is dangerous and safe. It enhances your odds to the maximum but it is still not a guaranteed win. A lose can wipe you out big time.

As with most strategies they are not failsafe, they both have their pros and cons. The best strategy is caution. Using your head and playing smart allows you to enjoy your wins and hopefully reduce your painful losses.